Product Lifecycle Management

  • EBOM, Engineering Bill of material
  • MBOM, Manufacturing Bill of Material
  • Sales Bill of material(SBOM)

   What is PLM ?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the management science of product data from its concept or idea generation to the disposal of the product. PLM is a philosophy of data and works management.

We live in an era in which everyone wants to manage self-life so that he or she fulfilled his or her dreams. From childhood, we observed many things in life that affects our life enormously. The things which matter most are ‘time’ and ‘efficiency’. If we want to achieve big goals in life, then focus on these two things. The same concept is applicable to any product also. If any industry wants to grow, then its focus should be on time to deliver products in the market and improve its efficiency in the functionality of the product. By reading above we derived term that manages the lifecycle of product that is ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ in short “PLM” .

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   BOM Management Articles

Bill Of Material (BOM) is a representation of information about the product, so that we can easily get an idea about product information and various processes involved to make it. We see details of BOM in following articles…
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  Change Management Articles

“Change is not merely necessary to life but it is life”
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