How “change” in PLM help us to capture large market share ?

~~ Law of science about Change.
Change is a soul of life. Science teaches us about adaptability to change. The only species able to sustain in this world which is adaptable to change. The same thing is applicable to the product also. The only product is sustained in this competitive world which has the capability to change according to customer demands. If the product becomes static i. e. it does not change with market expectation then the life of the product will move towards vanish stage.

~~Real Life Examples
There are so many examples of products we can see in our market which are vanished because of there incapability to change with market demand. If we look back then we realized that there are so many products are the pioneer in some time but now they have completely vanished. As we know the famous mobile company Nokia who is a pioneer in making mobile phones, in the last decade, but now it is struggling to live in this competitive market. The mobile industry is the best example which shows that ‘the Importance of change.’ If mobile companies didn’t implement the new technology then their market share declined rapidly. Last decade is known for emerging mobile operating system Android by Google. If you want to sustain then tie-up with Android or make an operating system which competes with Android. Almost all companies tie-up with Android. Apple built its own operating system. Nokia continuously stays with its Symbian operating system which has very fewer features as compared to Android and Apple’s operating system. Thus what happens is in front of you. These examples show the ‘Importance of Change.’ If we look towards the automobile sector then we will see the major change of electrical battery engines is coming and it will replace the existing non-renewable fuels engine. If we do not accept this change then it will cause harmful effects of pollution and also the risk of depending on non-renewable energy which is vanishes in the near future.

~~ Globalization- A key factor for change
Globalization makes the world closer. We can sell our product to any part of the world because of globalization. This increases competition in cost, quality of the product, time to market and innovation in product. Globalization leads to a change in a product. We have to change our product according to customer requirement at different locations. If the product is in the liquid format then we have to change according to the atmosphere of different places in the world, for example, if we want to sell shampoo in cold and hot places, then we have to change the ingredients of shampoo according to the atmosphere of the location. If we want to sell a car around the world then we have to do changes accordingly different policies of the different countries like the driver position on left or right, ground clearances, etc. There are so many examples which show how Globalization is a key factor for the change process.

~~ Kaizen–The Change for the betterment
Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy for Continuous improvement in an organization. The car manufacturer Toyota company first implement it and because of this, they improve their revenue by a tremendous amount. Now, this method is widely used in all organization of all over the world. In Kaizen, we have to continuously change method or process for the betterment and to increase efficiency. This shows that how kaizen or change process is important for Product Lifecycle Management.

Readers, please write in the comment section of your thoughts on the importance of change process or your experience of change method in an organization, It will be helpful for learners to understand it in a better way. Your thoughts are most welcome and highly appreciated.

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