What ‘collaboration’ means to PLM?

Collaboration means the act of working together. In my point of view everyone looking for his own interest in collaboration and when the win-win situation arises collaboration happens.

PLM Collaboration
PLM Collaboration.

Pic. Source: https://www.pexels.com/@2659

In this competitive world, we have to create a collaborative environment between PLM, CAD and  ERP software to make our product high efficient, highly profitable and awesome from customer point of view. PLM is a broad concept. When we talk about collaboration in PLM, it just like broadening the scope of PLM. No product becomes perfect without collaboration. Let’s see with an example of ‘seat of CAR’. Before collaboration, the seat is made with basic design with very less comfort, but today in this competitive world, automotive companies are collaborating with Material pioneer industries which can produce best forming material which gives the best comfort and also they are collaborating with medical science to learn how human body feels comfort and how to avoid health issues like back paining.

Collaboration does not only happens in different sciences but in all aspects of the product lifecycle. Now we will see some very interesting collaboration examples

In the PLM software point of view, I think there should be a separate module or software required only for this. I found some interesting collaboration like some companies use Siemens Teamcenter as PLM software and there vendor/supplier used Dassault’s CATIA as CAD software. They used separate PLM-CAD integration for this. If we go in detail, I saw the assembly Bill of Material at OEM side which includes a part list from different CAD software like CATIA, NX, and CREO because their supplier/ Assembly part provider uses different CAD software.

The Dassault Systems, one of the pioneers in PLM software companies, built a platform, 3dexperience platform, which is based on the collaborative principle. They include many collaborative applications into this platform which makes collaboration easy.

Nowadays, many industries like automotive, electronics, etc., before transforming their business globally collaborate with local existing industries to manufacture parts instead of making themselves. It reduces their investment cost to build an atmosphere to manufacture parts.

If you find any collaboration near you, then write to me. It will become a very interesting topic. I will post it with your identity here. I am looking forward to collaborating with you.

2 thoughts on “What ‘collaboration’ means to PLM?

  1. It is a very important topic and timely for PLM. Collaboration is extremely important. But, the word “collaboration” is sometimes confusing and misleading. It usually comes in 2 dimensions – collaboration between people; a collaboration between applications. And in real life, it is usually mixed.
    At OpenBOM, we developed a very unique technology that can help individuals, teams, and companies to collaborate in real-time while performing simultaneous data edits. Think about it as Google Sheet with huge amount of PLM steroids. You can check more about it on openbom.com. You can also experience it by registering to OpenBOM free user subscription.
    Best, Oleg

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    1. I will check it on openbom and share my experience. Really it is always good to learn from you. PLM theories are very rare on the internet. It is always better to experience PLM than to learn. Thanks for adding value to this article on Collaboration.

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