Types of BOM (Bill of Material)

In my first article, we see the concept of BOM. Can we make different BOM for a different department, such as sells, manufacturing, and design?. If we do so, then we get an exact idea of what we are planning and what is going on at a particular department. So let’s think from a customer point of view about a particular product. What customer look into the product, do you think? Some customer buys a product, just by seeing it’s photographed on online shopping. Some go in detail of specification of product before buying it. If a product is a software, then the customer sees it’s user manual. If my washing machine or Refrigerator didn’t start and I want to repair it at home then I see it’s user manual for repairing. From the above examples, we can say that a different user of a product wants different information. Same concept is applicable to BOM structure also. Different user from a different area such as design, manufacturing, sales, service wants different information about the same product. Service or maintenance engineer want information related to servicing of product such as how to assemble or disassemble, repairing information about the product. They didn’t interested in how to manufacture it or design data.

According to the purpose of use, we create different BOMs. If we want to categorize manufacturing data, in perspective of the manufacturing process then we create manufacturing BOM, the same concept is used for Engineering design BOM, sales BOM, service BOM and so many… Let’s see one by one.

Engineering BOM (EBOM)

Engineering Bill of Material(EBOM) is created in perspective of the design process of any product. It includes CAD files, individual component specification, design data, manuals, documents, analysis result data, tolerances, standards, etc. It is referred to ” as-designed” bill of material. From below example of ‘ballpoint pen’, we get a clear idea about Engineering BOM.

Manufacturing BOM (MBOM)

Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) is created in perspective of the manufacturing process, operations on a product, etc. MBOM shows that how we can make a finished product with available resources and components. MBOM is created from EBOM information. MBOM also indicates the number of parts that build up to the final product. If you are good at cooking then it is easy for you to understand MBOM. In the cooking recipe, we required cooking procedure, different ingredients and last the formula of cooking. The same is applicable to MBOM also, it contains information related to manufacturing procedure, parts required to make it and method of manufacturing.
Below example of ballpoint pen shows the details about Manufacturing BOM.

Difference between EBOM and MBOM

  • MBOM is driven from EBOM
  • Manufacturing BOM connect all parts with each other by assembly point of view. The parts are relate with each other in MBOM, but in Engineering BOM, there is no any relation or information provide which relates parts with each other.

Service BOM

Service BOM is created in perspective of services provided on that product such as maintenance service, data about life service of the product, repairing instruction, assembly, and disassembly procedure data, etc. This BOM is created early in the design phase so that we can save time and reduced cost in servicing any product. To understand it in a better way, we take an example of a ballpoint pen. If we want to replace refill with a new one, then we follow the procedure as follows.

Sales BOM

The sales manager wants data related to product variation so that he gets an idea about how to sell a product according to customer interest. If the customer wants a bike which has features like 350 cc, disk brake, tubeless tire and blue in color. then sales manager look into his BOM manual for the availability of bike of that variation which customer wants. Sales BOM represents a finished product which can be assembled at the sales stage.

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One thought on “Types of BOM (Bill of Material)

  1. Hi, good topic to cover.
    I disagree on the Service BOM example, what you are displaying is a routing, not a Bill of material. The Service BOM is more the bill of material structured for maintenance (it will surely remove some details that may not be maintained, it will give some indication on the type of maintenance or exchange you may run on some parts, but it is not detailing the process itself).
    Same actually applies to MBOM. A bill of materials needs to list materials. It’s not a routing even though it is closely connected.
    I like semantic, your article is a good way to explain some of the domains where we create different BOMs for the same product, let’s just make sure we use the right semantics.
    Good work !

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